Accessibility Statement

Public transport: nearest railway station Aberystwyth 18 miles north. Bus service ; regular service daily, Aberystwyth to Carmarthen, through village 1 km away, ‘Bwcabus service past the main gate of site, if requested. All roads and private driveways on site are of modern tarmac construction and in good repair.

The bungalow is at the top of the first service road on site which is 100 m long and slopes uphill at an incline of approx 1:7 or 16% at it steepest point.

The bungalow has private parking for two cars, with flat grass either side of the drive, a 3 m concrete path 72 cm wide from the drive to a 79 cm wide gate with  9 cm step up onto decking from which the front door (73 cm wide with a 73 cm step) leads into living area.

Door widths are as follows ; bedroom 78 cm, bathroom 72 cm, shower room 72 cm. The bathroom and shower/toilet rooms are both rectangular, 68 cm wide, although fittings/furnishings reduce this to approx 48 cm at the entrance to the two and the shower door, because of the hinges. There is a step up into the shower of 30 cm and an interconnecting door between the two rooms more half way into the bathroom.

The structure was refurbished in 2006 with standard fitments and facilities, standard height kitchen cabinets and no banisters or grab-rails at any point.

All flooring is carpeted and level with no mats except the toilet/shower room which is modern laminate with a non-slip mat provided as optional.

The shower has a standard non slip mat.